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Rock Blasting (AR1)

Blast off to Uluru/Ayers Rock and get that quick fix. Take in Ayers Rock and the stunning surroundings on the way.

$150 p.p | Approx 15 min flight

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Flight (AR2)

As awe inspiring as Uluru is, it is not all this area has to offer. On this flight we also take you across to the spectacular domes of Kata Tjuta for a view that will leave you speechless. Due to the sacredness of this area so much of it is off limits from the ground, so the only way to really appreciate this amazing formation is to see it from above. You will not be disappointed.

$285 p.p | Approx 30 min flight

Extended Uluru-Kata Tjuta Flight (AR3)

Similar to the AR2, the AR3 adds approximately an extra 6 minutes to the flight. This extended version takes you around the back to capture that ultimate photo of Uluru & Kata Tjuta together.

$310 p.p. | Approx 36 min flight

Tour of the Giants (AR4)

Take in the sights of Uluru and Kata Tjuta before tracking to the mysterious Mt Conner. Land on its highest peak and explore this giant of the desert. All landings on Mt Conner are subject to pilot’s discretion.

$830 p.p. | Approx 120 min flight

Lizard Safari (AR5)

After admiring Uluru & kata Tjuta, trek across to the wondrous salt flats of Lake Amadeus as you search for wild camels amongst the desert plains.

$475 p.p. | Approx 55 min flight

King Canyon (AR6)

Fly direct to spectacular Kings Canyon taking in the beauty of NT’s Largest Salt Lake “Lake Amadeus” & the amazing natural landscape, whilst searching for wildlife. Land at Kings Creek Station for refreshments & if you’re feeling up to it, transfer to the Canyon for the Creek bed Walk before returning home.

$810 p.p. | Approx 108 min flight

Experience all there is on offer (AR7)

Combine all the wonders we have to showcase in this Tour which really is worth every penny. View Uluru & kata Tjuta, head out over Lake Amadeus searching for wild camels on your way to the magnificent Kings Canyon. Land at Kings Creek Station for refreshments, transfer to do the creek bed walk before your return home.

$990 p.p. | Approx 140 min flight, 6 hour tour


The ultimate combined experience (UCE)

Can’t decide between helicopter or fixed wing. Choose both, fly to Kings Creek Station by aeroplane viewing Uluru and Kata Tjuta, transfer to our helicopter for the ultimate view of Kings Canyon.

$840 p.p. | Approx 5 hour tour


For charters and private flights, please contact us to discuss.