Kings Canyon

Our Kings Canyon tours are operated out of Kings Creek Station
Our unique location gives us access to one of the most spectacular flights on offer in the Northern Territory.
A stunning, uniquely Australian visual experience not to be missed.

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KC1 Local Station Flight

Climb up to the top of George Gill Range to view Bagot Spring, the Central Ranges Panorama and, weather permitting, spot Ayers Rock, The Olgas and Mt Connor on the horizon. On the way back down get a great aerial perspective of Kings Creek Station and its campground. You’ll be amazed what you can see on this flight!

$60 p.p | Approx 5 min flight

KC2 Petermann Pound

Cross over George Gill Range; take in the amazing view of Bagot’s Gorge on your way to the remote Petermann Pound, a large naturally-created crater surrounded by spectacular sandstone cliffs. See Ayers Rock from afar, and then admire the sweeping panorama before dropping below the rim of the range, searching the area for wild camels and horses.

$145 p.p | Approx 15 min flight

KC4 Ferrar Springs

Just over the George Gill Range is one of the most spectacular views in Central Australia. Take in the breathtaking views only ever seen from the air. See the beautiful Ferrar Springs, unexplored caves, rock formations and waterholes. Search the area for wild camels and horses. Marvel at the beauty and ruggedness of the distant landscape - remote, secluded and absolutely spectacular. This is one of our favourite flights at sunrise and sunset.

$220 p.p. | Approx 24 min flight

KC3 Kings Canyon

Fly through Petermann Pound and along the top of George Gill Range to spectacular Kings Canyon. View the Lost City, the Garden of Eden and the path of the rim walk. On your return journey you will see Reedy Gorge, Lila Aboriginal Community, Kathleen Springs, Stokes Bluff and weather permitting, spot Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Mt Connor on the horizon.

$275 p.p. | Approx 30 min flight

KC3.5 Kings Canyon and Carmichael Crag

A highly recommended upgrade from our Kings Canyon flight, taking in the amazing view of Kings Canyon and Carmichael Crag from a vantage point west of the Range.

$310 p.p. | Approx 35 min flight

KC4.5 The Middle Ranges - Prepare to be amazed!

Fly out over Baggots Gorge, then Peterman Pound, taking in the spectacular rugged vista on your way to the mysterious Middle Ranges. Descend to overfly a towering red rock walled canyon, with thriving ghost gums far below on the rocky river floor. A spectacular exit follows into Wild Horse Plains, with its soaring jagged red escarpment stretching far into the distance. Follow Walker Creek into another spectacular canyon overfly, looking for wild horses and cattle along the ghost gum lined sandy river bed below. On your return leg we fly over rugged red mountains, climbing high once again to admire the breathtaking view to the East.

$310 p.p. | Approx 35 min flight

KC5 Kings Canyon and the Middle Ranges

This flight covers some of the most amazing scenery the Northern Territory has to offer. Fly out over Kings Creek Station and along the George Gill range for a birds-eye view of the spectacular Kings Canyon, then head out into the remote wilderness of Shake’s Plain, Middle Range and beyond, searching for wildlife and some of the hidden wonders this extended flight makes possible.

$460 p.p. | Approx 55 minutes tour