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Over the years, our sister company 'Ayers Rock Scenic Flights' have seen an increasing demand for private charter and transport needs. Rock Air Charters provides a fast and affordable mode of transport, with our corporate business style aircraft and highly trained staff, we can maximise guests time out at Ayers Rock Uluru and take them to places they wouldn't have thought to ever go. Discover the real outback of Australia and fly into remote areas and see what this great country has to offer.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and designing packages specific to the guests needs. Don't spend hours and early mornings driving. Travel in style!

Our Fleet

We currently have a range of aircraft in our fleet to cover the different needs of our clients. Please call staff to discuss what you are after and we will provide you with the best suited option.

Our current fleet include:
- Cessna 172 (4 seater)
- GA8 Airvan (8 seater)
- Partenavia twin engine (6 seater)
- Chieftain (10 seater) Coming soon

  • Partenavia

    6 seat high wing twin engine aircraft. 140kts

  • Chieftain

    10 seat low wing twin engine aircraft. 185 kts coming very soon

Destinations and price

Rock Air Charter is based out at Ayers Rock | Uluru airport. Whether you have something specific in mind, want an adventure, or simply want to experience a high end luxury escape - we can help you.
Aircraft are charged out per hour (air time) and not per person. Please call staff to discuss where you would like to go for a quote. If you are not sure and would like to know about some surrounding areas, we can put something exclusive together to suit!
P: +61 (8) 8956 2345
E: charters@flyuluru.com.au

  • Ayers Rock | Uluru

    Pictured: Partenavia flying past Ayers Rock | Uluru before departing for Kings Canyon

Ayers Rock - Kings Creek Station transfers

One of our most common routes is from Ayers Rock | Uluru out to Kings Creek Station.

Time: Flight time depends on aircraft type and wind conditions on the day.
Total transfer time from pickup to drop off is around 1 hour 20 minutes.

Direct flight transfer costs:
Costs are on special until 31st July 2017 and are as follows:
- $350 per person for two
- $175 per person for four

- Campint tent sites: starting at $29
- Safari cabins: $180 for two, breakfast included
- Luxury glamping: $950 for two, private luxury accommodation with dinner, breakfast and drinks package

For more information or to book, please call Kings Creek Station on +61 (8) 8956 7474

Some activities out at Kings Creek Station include but are not limited to:
- Quad bike desert adventure tour: Prices start at $105 pp
- Helicopter tours: Prices start at $60 pp
- Camel rides available from August 2017
- Creek bed walk (1 hour)
- Rim walk (3.5 hours)

  • Luxury Glamping

    $950 for two people, private VIP with dinner, breakfast & drinks package

  • Safari Cabin

    $180 for two people, camp kitchen and BBQ available, breakfast included

All Aussie Adventure!
Adrenaline day tour

Experience the real Australian outback!

Quick overview:
- Fly from Ayers Rock to Kings Creek Station
- Breakfast (included)
- 30 minute drive down George Gill Range
- Rim Walk (3 hours)
- 30 minute drive back to the station
- Lunch at the cafe (own cost)
- ATV adrenaline tour through the outback sand dunes (4 hours)
- Shower and snacks
- Fly back to Ayers Rock before sunset (scenic flight at Uluru optional added extra)

Fly from Ayers Rock airport out over the vast Lake Amadeus, before shortly landing at an outback dirt strip at Kings Creek Station. You then take a short 5 minute drive to the working cattle station cafe for a buffet breakfast at no cost.
After breakfast and a half an hour drive along the George Gill Range, you will experience the amazing views while completing the Rim Walk. For lunch, there is a cafe at additional costs, serving fresh sandwiches to camel burgers! After a short lunch break, you will get strapped in to the ATV vehicle for an adventure of a lifetime! You will be taken on a journey through magnificent Desert Oaks, cruise over rolling red sand dunes, pausing occasionally to take in the vast views and roaming wildlife. Once back from the ATV tour, you will have time to shower off all the red dust and grab a snack before heading back to Ayers Rock before the sunset.

Tour times:
- Flight time: 45 minutes approx. each way
- Rim Walk: 30 minute drive each way, 3 hour walk
- ATV adventure tour: 4 hours
- Flights depart in the early morning and get back in the evening before sunset.

$990 per person

Ayers Rock Scenic 20 minute flight: extra $100 pp

Alice Springs departure:
Transfers to/from Alice Springs are also available. Please call staff to discuss.

Minimum age 10 years for the ATV.
Transfers throughout the day are all included.

P: +61 (8) 8956 2345
E: charters@flyuluru.com.au

  • Kings Canyon water hole on Rim Walk

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    Upcoming Events

    27th May 2017

    Uluru Camel Cup
    When: Races from midday, evening camel cup ball to follow.

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    Camel Cup - Saturday 27th May,2017

    Uluru Camel Cup

    Find all the action at the annual Uluru Camel Cup where you will witness five nail biting heats followed by a Plate race, Qualifying race and the big one – the Uluru Camel Cup!

    1st + 2nd September 2017

    Birdsville Races
    Fly from Uluru to Birdsville and camp under the wing of the plane! Find out more

    Birdsville Races- 1st 2nd September 2017

    Birdsville Races

    Now easier than ever! Fly into Ayers Rock direct from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns or Alice Springs, experience all Ayers Rock | Uluru has to offer before headding off to the iconic Birdsville races in style with Rock Air Charters. Camp under the wing of the aircraft airside! Not to be missed

    Coming Soon - October 2017

    Uluru Astronomy Weekend
    Stay tuned!

    Astronomy Weekend at Uluru - OCT 2017

    Coming soon

    More information to come.

    Contact Us

    Our Contact :

    Phone: +61 (8) 8956 2345


    Address: Tourist Information Centre, Yulara, NT, Australia

    Tour departures:
    Tourist Information Centre or from your hotel in Yulara (Ayers Rock).
    For tours outside Ayers Rock and starting at another destination, we can organise a pickup point at the time of booking.